About Us

      At Purrrfect for Pets, we  are committed to offering  the  best pet  products and pet related  accessories to  pets and  pet lovers worldwide with FREE shipping to  the United States.
      Headquartered in sunny Florida, USA as a      modest online outlet. We are dedicated to providing    the kind of service that makes you go "wow"  while offering fun, quirky and stylish pet accessories  and pet related accessories for the humans and their homes. Everything is pet related whether it is home decor or pet accessories to indulge our pets! 
     Owning a pet whether it's a cat, dog, bird, or turtle is one of the greatest joys in life. We, at Purrrfect  for  Pets, love our pets and we know you love your pets too and want to see them happy! We currently only offer FREE shipping to the United States.
     At Purrrfect for Pets, we are committed to offering you the best service and the best pet products and pet related accessories for you and your pet. Because its all about you and your pet's happiness and your satisfaction.